Nick brings a sprinkle of creative fairy dust to even the driest of subjects - which makes any Producer sit back and sigh with relief as they realise they are in a safe pair of hands and their project is going to look lovely. His graphic treatments are polished and he has good judgement as to what will appeal to more adventurous or more conservative clients. He also has a good business knowledge which means he can make informed suggestions on how to present more technical subjects.

He can be relied upon to pick up a project and run with it - I have gone through a brief with him over the phone, given him the assets needed (or pointed him in the general direction of where to find them), left him to it, and had a great first draft.

I would heartily recommend Nick and look forward to working with him in the future.
— Sarah Roberts, Producer
 'One Travelex' for Travelex/Mongoose communications ltd.

'One Travelex' for Travelex/Mongoose communications ltd.

Nick is a great Editor. He’s imaginative, creative and excellent at telling the story - whatever the subject matter. He challenges the brief but is always understanding of the restrictions and sensitivities faced by clients. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough!
— Charlotte Allison, Producer
I would recommend Nick wholeheartedly, he is both talented and professional and a very nice person to work with. His commitment to a project is outstanding, if you want someone to ‘get it right’ Nick is your man.
— Bob Parrish, Director
 'ASOS - behind the scenes' for Asos LTD./Mike Taylor

'ASOS - behind the scenes' for Asos LTD./Mike Taylor

I have worked with Nick for nearly fifteen years, where my role has been both cameraman and producer.

As a cameraman it’s always good know the footage is in good hands, Nick always takes time to explore the rushes and spend time grading and shot matching. I always look forward to seeing the final cut!

When Nick has cut something for me as a producer his expertise is invaluable. He is able to take a brief and develop it to deliver a film that is so much more than the sum of its components. Nick is a great storyteller, he can create a good narrative and always takes time to understand the issues behind the story. Nick can also create stunning motion graphics which makes him a good choice for anyone looking for really creative post production.

I would recommend Nick to anyone looking for a grown up editor who can ‘just get on with it’.
— Mark Bloomfield, Cameraman/Producer
I am often aware of video producers expressing frustration about how difficult it is to find good editors, editors who understand corporate production, editors you can leave to do what they do best without having to watch over their shoulders and editors who innately know what is required to satisfy and exceed client expectations. When I hear that I usually have a quiet smile to myself, and think how glad I am that Nick’s marketing is nowhere near as good as his editing...
— Tim Horrox, Producer
 'EY Lions' Lair' - a parody of the bbc tv series for EY/HMX corporate communication ltd.

'EY Lions' Lair' - a parody of the bbc tv series for EY/HMX corporate communication ltd.

I’ve worked with Nick on a number of video productions and he’s always had the creativity and post production skills to make me look much better than I really am. He’s a very talented editor / graphics specialist and just as importantly he’s good fun to be stuck in a small room with for 12 hours at a time.
— Mike Taylor, Producer